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Announcing our New ABCS Diplomates!


We are pleased to welcome our recently board certified cosmetic surgeons to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. These surgeons have proven their dedication and commitment to cosmetic surgery, and we congratulate them on their well-deserved success!

After years of hard work, including graduating from an accredited medical school and earning board certification in at least one of seven ACGME or AOA approved residency programs, these surgeons participated in a lengthy AACS certified fellowship training program. During this fellowship, they completed at least 300 breast, face, and body cosmetic surgeries, in addition to studying and administering the latest in non-invasive technology.

The surgeons completed their final test on October 2016, which involved rigorous written and oral exams to demonstrate their expertise in cosmetic surgery, patient care, and best practices.

Without further ado, here are the newest American Board of Cosmetic Surgery diplomates.

Congratulations, Diplomates!

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