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Maintenance of Certification

Passed October 2004, Revised January, 2005 and May 14, 2009 per Board of Trustees Resolution

WHEREAS, as previously established, a mandatory recertification (M.O.C.) process must be in place for those diplomates certified in 1998 and thereafter;

WHEREAS, the process must take place in the year 2008;

WHEREAS, the ABCS strongly recommend those diplomates certified prior to 1998 voluntarily participate in the M.O.C. process;

WHEREAS, the ABCS has carefully reviewed the current thoughts and practices of the contemporary American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) viewpoint on recertification, now known as M.O.C.;

WHEREAS, the ABCS has determined their M.O.C. shall encompass the following basic requirements:

  1. Professional Standing;
  2. Commitment to lifelong learning and involvement in a periodic self-assessment process;
  3. Cognitive expertise; and
  4. Evaluation of performance of practice.

NOW THEREFORE, the ABCS M.O.C. Program shall include the following:

I. Professional Standing:
  A. All Diplomates including but not limited to recertification candidates shall submit written verification of a current, valid, and unrestricted medical license in good standing in the jurisdiction where applicant practices.  Candidate shall submit an explanation of any current or past disciplinary action by any state medical board; and
  B. Candidate must affirmatively state and prove valid hospital operating room privileges in current good standing.  If the candidate does not have current hospital operating room privileges and performs all surgical procedures in his/her office facility, the facility must be currently accredited by JCAHO, AAAHC, QUADA, AAASF, MEDICARE or a similar accrediting body approved by the state medical board having jurisdiction where the candidate performs surgery.
II. Commitment to lifelong learning and involvement in a periodic self-assessment process:
  A. Candidate must submit proof of at least 150 CME credits earned in the three (3) years prior to expiration of their certificate.  These credits must be ACGME approved Category 1.  A minimum of 50% must be in cosmetic surgery.
  B. The AACS conducts an Annual Review Course in conjunction with their Annual Scientific Meeting in January of each year.  While attendance at the Annual Review Course is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended that all applicants for Recertification attend.
III. Cognitive Expertise:
  A. Candidate shall successfully complete a written examination covering specific knowledge of the area of initial certification by the ABCS (dermatological, facial and general).  The examination will be administered in conjunction with the ABCS Annual Examination in April or the AACS Annual Meeting in January.
IV. Evaluation of performance in practice:
  A. Candidate shall submit a “patient outcome monitor” for the three years prior to expiration of their certificate in the form of any two of the following three items:
Internal chart reviews as normally required by an accrediting agency such as JCAHO, AAAHC, QUADA, AAASF, MEDICARE or a similar accrediting body; or
Patient satisfaction survey; or
Chart stimulated recall or systematic chart auditing procedure to be implemented by the ABCS.

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