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Certification of Added Qualification (CAQ) Requirements

Two CAQ Categories Available:

Certificate of Added Qualification (CAQ) Requirements the New Single Certificate-Certificate and CAQ Combination

1. Facial Cosmetic Surgery                
Body, Breast & Extremity Cosmetic Surgery

To be eligible for a CAQ in Cosmetic Surgery from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery,
the applicant must meet the following minimum requirements:

A. The applicant must be a Diplomate of the ABCS.

B. The applicant must meet the criteria required for certification by the ABCS and be a
Diplomate in good standing of the ABCS in Facial; Dermatologic; or Body, Breast and
Extremity Cosmetic Surgery.

C. The applicant must hold a clear and unrestricted medical license (in conformance with the
written policy of the ABCS) and perform his/her surgical procedures in an accredited
facility (in conformance with the written policy of the ABCS).

D. The applicant must submit a typed case log documenting at least 100 cosmetic surgical
procedures within the category of his/her requested CAQ, and the procedures shall be of a
sufficient mix to illustrate a depth and breadth of knowledge in the area of certification
sought. The cosmetic surgical procedures must have been performed within the previous
consecutive 3 years of the application.

E. The applicant must submit operative reports containing 100 cosmetic surgical procedures
subject to review by the ABCS Credentials Committee. Fifty (50) of the 100 cosmetic
surgical procedures submitted must contain publication quality pre and postoperative
photographs securely attached to the operative reports.

F. The applicant must have completed at least 4 AACS-sponsored (or deemed equivalent by
the ABCS Credentials Committee) Surgical Workshops in his/her chosen CAQ category
within the previous 3 years.

G. The applicant must have completed a minimum of 100 Category 1 CME hours in
Cosmetic Surgery within the preceding 3 years of his/her CAQ application.

H. The applicant must pass a 100-question written examination, formulated by the ABCS
Examination Committee, that covers the cosmetic surgical procedures within his/her
chosen CAQ category. Effective 2010 and thereafter, the written examination for a CAQ
would be waived if the applicant had obtained his/her initial ABCS certification within
the preceding three years.

I. The applicant must pass an oral examination in his/her chosen CAQ category.

J. CAQ certificates will be time-limited and require maintenance of the CAQ within 10
years and may be performed in conjunction with Recertification of the ABCS