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The ABCS Celebrates Patient Safety Awareness Week


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This Patient Safety Awareness Week (March 14-20, 2021), the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery wants to share our dedication to the safe practice of cosmetic surgery. As a standard-bearer for cosmetic surgery patient safety, not only do we certify fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeons, but we also strive to inform the public, helping patients choose safe, effective cosmetic procedures and specialty trained providers.

Patient safety through the years

In the past few years, we’ve tackled the questions of safety that matter most to our patients and diplomates, such as the recall of Allergan’s textured breast implants and the question of dermal filler swelling and COVID-19 vaccine safety. To celebrate patient safety awareness week, we’re sharing a roundup of some of these topics:

“The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine May Cause Fillers to Swell. Here’s Why You Should Still Get Vaccinated.”

As coronavirus vaccines became available to the public, news outlets reported that some of the Moderna vaccine trial participants developed swelling around their dermal filler. We took this opportunity to explain this reaction and its treatment, and to encourage patients to proceed with the vaccine.

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“An Update on BIA-ALCL: What Patients Should Know About Allergan’s Recall of Textured Breast Implants”

Allergan’s recall, requested by the FDA, of textured breast implants was one of the biggest cosmetic surgery news items of the decade. We broke down the science of this particular type of implant, and the reasons it was recalled, for the millions of women living with implants or considering breast augmentation.

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“Why You Should Care if Your Surgeon Operates in an Accredited Surgical Facility”

When it comes to a safe, successful cosmetic surgery experience, a good doctor is key, but where you’ll be having your procedure also matters. Before you book any procedure, you need to make sure your cosmetic surgeon operates exclusively in accredited surgical facilities. This blog covers the 6 facets of accredited surgical centers that equip them to keep you safe.

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“7 Things to Look for During Your Cosmetic Consultation”

As a savvy patient, it’s key to know which questions to ask about your surgeon’s credentials. This blog covers 7 critical elements you should look for with a discerning eye during your cosmetic surgery consultation, where your surgeon learns about your goals and you learn about their expertise.

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“Why You Should Be Certified by the ABCS”

The processes of training and certification for cosmetic plastic surgeons is largely opaque. We want to change that. This blog explains what cosmetic surgery fellowship training and ABCS certification does for a surgeon—namely, gives them extensive, focused experience on the cosmetic procedures, then tests them to prove their capabilities.

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Cosmetic Surgery Patient Safety® certified surgeons

After over 40 years of certifying safe cosmetic surgeons, we now offer surgeons an additional way to assure patients that they are devoted to safety: Cosmetic Surgery Patient Safety® (CSPS) certification, a voluntary certification beyond the rigorous ABCS board certification process. Look for the CSPS badge in a surgeons’ online profile and elsewhere, showing that they have taken the extra step of passing our Cosmetic Surgery Patient Safety Exam.

Safety begins and ends with your choice of cosmetic surgeon

Make the safe choice when selecting a surgeon for your cosmetic procedure: choose a board certified cosmetic surgeon. We re-certify our surgeons every 10 years to ensure that your provider follows research-driven best practices not just during Patient Safety Week, but all year long.

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