Skilled & Ethical

Credentialing Committee

(1) A Credentialing Committee, established by the President of the Board, shall review all applications and recommend and approve qualified candidates who satisfy the foregoing certification requirements for examination. (Section amended per Board of Trustees meeting dated August 14, 2008)


(2) Upon act of the Board of Trustees, in its sole and absolute discretion, a successful applicant who meets all credential requirements and successfully passes the oral and written components of the examination shall be granted membership status and issued a certificate of membership. The certificate shall at all times remain the property of the ABCS and neither the certificate nor the ABCS membership shall be considered a property right of the member. The certificate and ABCS membership shall be valid until membership is revoked or otherwise terminated in accordance with these by-laws, provided, however, under no circumstances shall the term of the certificate or ABCS membership exceed ten (10) years. In the event that membership status is revoked or is not renewed, the certificate shall be returned to the Corporation by the holder. If a certificate is not returned promptly after termination of membership, the Corporation may initiate legal action to recover the certificate. The former member shall be obligated to reimburse the Corporation for all reasonable expenses, including reasonable attorney fees incurred by the Corporation in connection with such action. (Section amended per Board of Trustees meeting dated August 14, 2008).


(3) The Board of Trustees shall have the power to deny membership or to revoke a member’s membership in its sole and absolute discretion. The decision of the Board of Trustees shall be final. (Section amended per Board of Trustees meeting dated August 14, 2008).


(4) Certificates of membership are not transferable or assignable.


(5) The Board of Trustees shall establish initial and annual membership fees and application fees. For those Diplomates certified in 1990 and thereafter, the annual membership fees (sustaining fees) shall be mandatory. Those Diplomates who have not paid the mandatory sustaining dues within ninety (90) days of the date they were billed shall be assessed a late fine of fifty dollars ($50.00). Those Diplomates who fail to pay their mandatory sustaining fees shall have their names submitted to the Board of Trustees for sanctions, including, but not limited to, "status of Diplomate not in good standing for failure to pay mandatory dues" or "revocation of Diplomate status for failure to pay mandatory dues" as the Trustees deem fit. (Section amended per Board of Trustees meeting dated 10/28/96).