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Expert Reviewers for Cosmetic Surgery Cases

If your state or local medical board is seeking an expert witness for cosmetic surgery cases, we welcome you to contact our office to discuss your needs. Many of our American Board of Cosmetic Surgery diplomates, officers, and trustees are qualified to serve as expert reviewers and witnesses for medical board disciplinary hearings and complaints related to cosmetic surgery. As Expert Witnesses, we can provide:

  • Independent and impartial review of facts in a case
  • Cosmetic surgery clinical expertise
  • Unbiased assistance to judges, investigators, and council in cosmetic surgery-related cases
  • Clear, thorough, and objective explanation of clinical information for non-medical persons involved in a case
  • Written and verbal testimony

The mission of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery is to serve the public by promoting the safe and ethical practice of the specialty of cosmetic surgery. In addition to testing and certifying qualified surgeons in the cosmetic surgery specialty, our board takes part in the annual meeting of the Federation of State Medical Boards and works to continually improve patient safety and standards of care in all areas of medical practice.

To learn more or to request an Expert Witness, please contact us. You may also write or telephone us at:

American Board of Cosmetic Surgery
8840 Calumet Avenue, Suite 205
Munster, IN 46321

Telephone: (219) 836-8585
Fax: (219) 836-5525


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