Michigan Cosmetic Surgeons Use 3-D Imaging for Consultations


What does the movie Avatar have in common with cosmetic surgery?  According to the Detroit area cosmetic surgeons of Allure Medical Spa, the same 3-D imaging technology used in motion pictures is now useful for simulating cosmetic surgery results during a consultation.

Dr. Brett Kotlus and Dr. Charles Mok of Allure Medical Spa were recently featured on the beauty industry blog discussing the use of Vectra 3-D imaging (from Canfield Imaging Systems) during cosmetic surgery consultations.

“After seeing what my outcome would look like and comparing three different sizes I was completely comfortable picking an implant size; I went into surgery with my mind completely at ease,” says one patient featured in the article.

30 minutes is all that is required for a consultation, says Dr. Kotlus, which includes 3-D imaging and surgery simulation.  Along with the Vectra system, Allure Medical Spa utilizes a variety of other technologies such as Visia Skin Analysis, Lumenis Laser Treatments, and Laser Assisted Liposuction.

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